IPMI v2.0 Password Hash Disclosure

Nessus Output

The remote host supports IPMI v2.0. The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) protocol is affected by an information disclosure vulnerability due to the support of RMCP+ Authenticated Key-Exchange Protocol (RAKP) authentication. A remote attacker can obtain password hash information for valid user accounts via the HMAC from a RAKP message 2 response from a BMC.

There is no patch for this vulnerability; it is an inherent problem with the specification for IPMI v2.0. Suggested mitigations include :

  • Disabling IPMI over LAN if it is not needed.
  • Using strong passwords to limit the successfulness of off-line dictionary attacks.
  • Using Access Control Lists (ACLs) or isolated networks to limit access to your IPMI management interfaces.


Nessus detected that the remote server has IPMI v2.0 implemented.
Remote unauthenticated users will be able to get password hashes
for valid users.