Check File integrity with Nessus (on Windows with Get-FileHash and AUDIT_FILEHASH_POWERSHELL)

Objective Monitor file integrity by generating a hash and verify it with NessusRead More »

Monitor account lockout (in Windows Domain)

Objective Account lockouts can happen when you perform a vulnerability scan with credentials. Account lockouts can happen when you perform brute force password guessing. Monitor the lockout status is crucial in these situations.Read More »

Review New and Changed Nessus Plugins

Objective Determine which new Nessus plugins where downloaden during the last sync Determine what has changed¬†in the Nessus plugins Having a backup of all the Nessus plugins before synchronizationRead More »

Threat Maps

Overview of ¬†online threat mapsRead More »

Tenable Security Center

References: Tenable Security Center Release Notes Tenable Security Center Product Page Tenable Security Center API Tenable Support Portal Tenable Discussion Forum Tenable Security Advisories Vulnerabilities: CVE DetailsRead More »